Programs Offered

Deciding to attend or not to attend college or a school that offers specialized training is a choice that most people make at one or more times in their lives. A mediocre student in high school after working for several years at a series of low paying dead-end jobs may decide that it is time to further their education.

Other people seem to have made the decision at birth that they want to pursue a particular career and may even have decided the educational path they need by preschool. There are people who decide to return to school or to train for a different field and have no idea what their options or how to make a decision about the best path to take to get to their goal.

Before a person even begins to look at a school, they must first decide on their goal; a person who wants to be a veterinary technician can look at diploma programs offered or degree programs offered at various community colleges or technical schools. The program chosen should be geared to the long term goal. A veterinary technician may have an ultimate goal of veterinarian, therefore the degree program is a better choice.

Often people want to go to college but are not sure of their ultimate goal. When looking at schools and degrees, it is important for them to consider the various programs offered: associate degree programs offered versus bachelor degree programs. If a person is interest in sports or coaching, athletic programs offered would be another consideration. An elementary education major may also be interested in art programs offered so that as a teacher they may provided a well-rounded education to their students.

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One of the most important considerations is if the institution has accredited programs offered and degrees. No one ever knows where life will take them and an accredited program assures that the credits earned will transfer to another institution should the need arise. This insures that the time and money spent is an investment in their future and is not wasted. An accredited program must meet or exceed a minimum set of standards that is shows a person who completes one or more course offered has gained a certain set of skills and demonstrates an ability to learn.

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